Talent Management

Career Transition Support

Career transition services simplify and streamline the process of employee separation. Whether it is a single individual or a significant downsizing, our cost effective, results-driven programs are designed to meet a wide range of organizational and individual needs, from executives to hourly and production staff. Based upon employee level, service length and other situational factors, we offer program options from one month to one year, including group, virtual, spousal and retirement programs, as well as dedicated career centers.

What our Services Mean to You, the Employer

  • Access to the necessary knowledge, experience, and resources to ensure a smooth transition including separation design, communications, transition planning, and facility closing strategies
  • Increased capacity to offer grounded and fair separation programs to employee at all levels
  • Demonstrates corporate responsibility to your employees
  • Preserves your organization’s reputation by caring for transitioning staff, investors, customers, remaining employees and future job candidates
  • Contributes toward higher retention and productivity rates from remaining staff
  • Eases transition process by providing displaced employees with a career transition plan and the necessary job search tools to successfully pursue a new opportunity
  • Solid return on investment as measured by service satisfaction and participant placement

What our Services Mean to Your Employees

  • An excellent Western New York network. We know the WNY marketplace. We know the companies, their systems and their staffing needs. And, through our affiliation with OI Partners, the world’s largest career consulting partnership, we offer a close-knit network of national firms with over 200 offices providing personalized services for each client.
  • Focus on the individual. We understand that everyone is different. We don’t start an individual’s services by assuming we know what’s best for that person. We ask questions, and design a results oriented program that makes sense – whether an individual is looking for a new position locally, is considering a career change, relocation, business ownership or retirement.
  • Innovative approaches and services. New frameworks, resume approaches, web strategies, program solutions and career related assessments. All targeted at enhancing individual success.
  • Superior career coaches. Our highly experienced career coaches have an outstanding reputation for quality, responsiveness, innovation, and commitment to meeting the needs of our clients in an ever changing marketplace. Building on existing strengths, our coaches help the participant to clarify goals, identify and remove obstacles, create an action plan and follow it to successful results.
  • State-of-the-art resources combined with a personal touch. We apply state-of-the art technology to supplement individual coaches, not to replace them. Our hallmark is personal service, supplemented by interactive online tools and current technology.
  • Targeted and long-term results. Our primary goal is to meet or exceed each participant’s expectation for support in pursuing their career transition objectives (typically re-employment, career path change, entrepreneurial ventures or active retirement). We empower our clients through job search skills and self-knowledge that will increase opportunities and expand their career path.
  • Ongoing support. We never abandon our clients. We encourage former participants to call on us for advice in meeting challenges that arise from their job search, work life or future critical career points. In fact, all resumes and marketing materials are retained indefinitely to ensure long-term access to job search materials for former participants.